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These Three Master Class Introductions are the strongest starting places for new and seasoned affiliate and direct marketers.

Course 1

Facebook: Post • Purge • Position

This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet and smartphones are changing the world of marketing by evolving the roles and practices of both companies and consumers.

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Learn to Attract

Affiliates & Customers Easily

With a better understanding of customer behavior,

you can master strategic marketing concepts.

Combine this with the tools to build relationships

and connection in a digital world.


  • How you tell stories that are engaging to CUSTOMERS?

  • What are the "REAL RULES" no one talks about in Social Media!

  • WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, & WHY to post in social media that converts!

  • How to use Facebook properly and how to use Pinterest to YOUR ADVANTAGE!

  • How to build a following of BUYERS through purging and focus!

  • What everyone does WRONG and how to DO IT RIGHT!

1000's of Happy Students

Become a part of a revolution for change in a digital world.

Chef Cari Marotto

Aleksandra O

Brian Gilbert

Brian Gilbert

Adele D'Argenio

Adele D'Argenio

Renee Dent

Renee Dent

Leah Buccarelli

Leah Buccarelli

Babette Teno

Babette Teno

Dr Orest Komarnyckyj

Dr Orest Komarnyckyj


Dream Mentor & Marketing Trainer

Peter Anthony

"It is an honor to be able to champion the next generation of digital marketers into a new era. More than ever, we are faced with challenges of connecting businesses with their ideal audiences and that's why I created Online Marketing. With this course, you'll become the best in your industry which facing and conquering every challenge...

... see you on the inside!"

Peter Anthony Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

YES, everything will be available in the library for 90 days so you will have access to all the trainings!

YES, the Price is $297.00 per class for a limited time only then it will go back to 897.00. The great news is that we will apply any single day classes to our ultimate 6-Week Program

(more about that later!)

There are NO PAYMENT options. Each course will be offered every couple of months so please look often.

YES, this Pinterest Training will be In Depth and include handouts not seen before to help you organize your success.

There are no rain dates, if you miss the course DO NOT WORRY everything is available online after the course. Each course is a little different from the last so enjoy it.

YES, This is the same deep dive Facebook Training you see in our $5,000 dollar master class. You get most of what we are teaching and some things we DO NOT teach in the larger trainings do to time and depth. Enjoy this one it rocks!


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